Testo 316-2

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Testo 316-2   (CH4, C3H8, H2)

The gas leak detector with integrated pump for
fast check measurements

testo 316-2 electronic gas leak detector with
flexible measurement probe, incl. case, mains
charger and earphones

Part no. 0632 3162

The testo 316-2 is extremely user-friendly and ideally suited
to fast check measurements thanks to its integrated pump,
its optical presentation of the gas concentrations detected,
and the integrated rechargeable battery

• Optical and audible alarm with bar display for increasing
and dangerous gas concentrations
• Trend display shows maximum leakage
• Integrated pump
• Flexible measurement probe for inaccessible places
• Earphone connection for secure leakage localization in
loud surroundings
• High duration of use thanks to rechargeable battery

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