Model : GC90 Stand Alone Gas detector

                All GC90 are manufactured in accordance with the EN European standards

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  Ease to operate
Infrared remote controller
- Protection class: IP66
- One man operation
- Ultra-large clear LCD screen display
- Adjustable 2 grades relay output
- Strong electromagnetic shielding
- Rugged casing

  Cost effective
- Competitive price
- Reduced installation cost
- Low maintenance cost
- Easy training

                               High performance
                               - 4-20mA signal output
                               - Working power: 165VCA-265VCA
                               - Catalytic combustion sensor for combustible gas
                               - Electrochemical sensor for toxic gas
                               - Designed with latest international sensor
                               - 120 db sound alarm
                               - Fast and accurate response
                               - All sensors from European origin  

                               Large range of sensors
                               H2S, CO, 02, EX, CL2, NO, NO2, SO2, H2, HCL,
                               03, PH3, HCN, NH3 ...

                              • Warranty
                              - 1 year

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