Drager X-am 8000 Multi-Gas Detection

            Drager X-am 8000



Measuring Ranges See Datasheet for measuring ranges and resolutions
Size 179 x 77 x 42 mm
Weight Approx. 550g (depending on sensor configuration) with pump
Temperature -20° C to 50° C
Relative Humidity 10 to 90% (short-term up to 95%) r.h.
Pressure 700 to 1300 hPa
Energy Supply Lithium-ion battery, rechargeable, inductive charging
Operating Times (Diffusion) with CatEx + 3 EC sensors - typically 24 hours
With IR + 3 EC Sensors - typically 22 hours
With 3 EC Sensors - typically 120 hours
With CatEx, PID + 3 EC sensors - 17 hours
With IR, PID + 3 EC sensors - 16 hours
With CatEx, IR- + EC sensors - 14 hours
PID only - Typically 42 hours
Charging Time Typically 4 hours after use during a shift of max. 10 hours
Start-up Times Typically <60 seconds for standard sensors
ATEX - I M1, II 1G, Ex da ia I Ma, Ex da ia IIC T4 Ga
EAC - PO Ex da ia I Ma X, Ex da ia IIC T4 Ga X
CE labelling
See datasheet for additional approvals
Instrument: 3 years
Power Supply: 1 year
Sensors: see DrägerSensor ® & Portable Instruments Handbook

DESCRIPTIONDrager X-am 8000 Multi Gas Detector
The Drager X-am 8000 is a multi gas detector that's capable of detecting up to 7 gases.  The unit can be placed in either pump or diffusion mode which makes it suitable for confined space applications.

It can house 5 sensors including LEL, IR LEL, CO2, VOC (PID), O2, CO, H2S, NO, NO2, SO2, PH3, HCN, CL2 and H2 amongst others.  Using a pre-tube, the X-am 8000 can be used for benzene-specific measurements and also provides assistance for clearance measurements and leak detection. 
The glowing green D-light (which is optional) can be used to indicate that the X-am has been tested and is ready for use.  The pump in the X-am 8000 is very powerful and can be connected with hoses of up to 45m in length.  The pump adapter will allow the use to switch between pump and diffusion mode.  This provides the advantage of only needing to operate the pump when it's actually needed, thus saving energy and reducing wear and tear.

See below available configurations and click 'Read More' to expand the list:

Drager X-am 8000 Diffusion (CatEx/H2S-LC-CO-LC/O2)
Drager X-am 8000 Pumped (CatEx/H2S-LC-CO-LC/O2)
Drager X-am 8000 Diffusion (CatEx/H2S-LC-CO-LC/O2/SO2)
Drager X-am 8000 Pumped (CatEx/H2S-LC-CO-LC/O2/SO2)
Drager X-am 8000 Diffusion (CatEx/H2S-LC-CO-LC/O2/PID HC)
Drager X-am 8000 Pumped (CatEx/H2S-LC-CO-LC/O2/PID HC)
Drager X-am 8000 Diffusion (CatEx/H2S-LC-CO-LC/O2/NH3)
Drager X-am 8000 Pumped (CatEx/H2S-LC-CO-LC/O2/NH3)
Drager X-am 8000 Diffusion (CatEx/H2S-LC-CO-LC/O2/CO2)
Drager X-am 8000 Pumped (CatEx/H2S-LC-CO-LC/O2/CO2)
KEY FEATURESEasy-to-read colour display with zoom function
Inductive charging
Optional Bluetooth module allows connection to the CSE Connect App (FOR ANDROID)
Smart Assistant calculates the necessary flooding time for the X-am and probe
Traffic light system alerts the user to various issues (i.e. gas, low battery)
Durable two-component housing
High contrast colour display
Triple alarm system (audible, visual, vibrating)
IP67 Rated
12MB of storage
Additional accessories available
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