MSA Altair Pump Probe with Charger


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MSA Altair Pump Probe with Charger

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The Altair Pump Probe from MSA is an accessory of the Altair 4x multi gas detector and comes with a charging cable.

This pump probe is ideal for occasions where pumped applications are needed, rather than diffusion instruments.  The use of a sample line (of up to 50 ft) or the sample wand allows this to be carried out.  The MSA Altair Pump Probe is compatible with a number of MSA diffusion type portable gas monitors.

Much like the Altair 4x gas detector the MSA Pump Probe is durable and features a tough unibody housing.  The armour has the same design as the multi gas detector.  It’s ideal for use in nearly every work environment.


  • Tested with a drop test of 10 feet
  • Tool-free quick change components
  • Easy to maintain
  • Ingress protection level IP65
  • Maximum sample line length of 50 feet
  • Visual filter inspection made easy due to translucent cap
  • Easy-to-use, glove-friendly large buttons
  • Prominent flow, battery and charging indicators on the front of the pump probe

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